Nowadays, we are living in the perfect scenario for creating. No jobs, no money and a whole life in front of us. Yet, we are not starting projects or being creative. Why? We think this is for some reasons:

We are living in a world filled with people who try to not let others succeed. This is not because we all turned into evil human beings, or at least I would like to think so, but because it is easier for us to live surrounded by normality. Without ups and downs or unpredictable situations.

We convince ourselves that we are living the life we dreamed of. It’s until our neighbor comes up with a new project and becomes freaking wealthy that we start wondering why he succeed and we don’t.

We are used to seeing people who do succeed as people who are distant from us. We see them in TV shows or magazines. We know that we can’t be like them and this idea tranquilizes us. But, when we see people from our inner circle succeeding, we tend to be shocked. This destabilization can trigger many inside questions that provoke a huge impact in our person. To avoid this, we try to discourage people who intend to succeed. It’s easier. No problems around. Everything right.

Whatever you try to create – be it the best art painting, a new project or train a different skill – you will find many non-creators people who will tell you how crazy you are and how terribly bad you are at this. Be sure about that.

Your jobless friends don’t want to find a job, your 12-hours office-workers friends don’t wont you to start a project, and your fat friend doesn’t want to start running. It is easier. Don’t bother them. It would take them outside their comfort zone, and, trust me; this is the worst thing you can do to a fellow.

By trashing your work, these people, are killing their inside need of change. They are convincing themselves that there is no need to create. C’mon, if he’s creating trash, why should I scape from my daily routine and start creating? Once they will ruin your creations, they will be able to continue living their life full of hotdogs, tight ties and lazy PlayStation sessions.

For these same reasons is why we are here to encourage you to create, go out of your comfort zone and start projects.

Remember that if you never try you’ll never know. Don’t listen those non-creators, they are those who cannot hear the music.





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