The very first time we met David, I had the feeling that our relationship would be nothing but great. I don’t know if it was because of his character or for the strength and the passion that he conveys. Anyway, I knew right away that we would make a good friendship.

SI_IMG-20130926-WA0023We arranged an entrepreneurship gathering in order to exchange stories and tips, and after an enriching conversation we ended up with the promise of making a unique t-shirt design for the Lost&Found market.

David is the founder and the owner of Tu Pelu en casa, an innovative initiative for getting your haircut. For the first time in Barcelona the hairdresser comes to your place and you can get a haircut without leaving home. You just have to call him and he will show up at your place offering you the newest tendencies at very convenient prices. His barbershop is located in Sant Boi, however, you can also find him surfing the streets of Barcelona with his fixie bycicle decorated with the barbershop colours.

The idea aroused, as usual, when a problem popped up. He used to work at the familiar barbershop along side with his mother and his sister, yet, the workload and profits of the shop was not enough for the three of them. Therefore, he had to take the leap of faith and search for new opportunities outside.

This new search resulted in the launching of Tu Pelu en casa. At first, things weren’t easy, but he kept on working hard and loving what he was doing until he finally succeeded. This is mainly why we admire him, because he believed in his ideas without giving up no matter what.

He is a true dreamer, he tried to change the rules, he came up with a new way of doing things and through passion and dedication he turned his dreams into plans, which is all you can ask from a person.

We wish David all the luck in the world. Keep thinking big and doing bigger.

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