Today we are going to talk about a fashion brand settled in Barcelona whose name is Thinking MU. They make illustrated t-shirts. Not regular tees but t-shirts with stories behind them. They are 100% respectful with the environment; they use natural fibres, biodegradable pigments and recycled paper. Their motto is based into the idea that “life is an attitude”. We totally agree and love this philosophy.


They are one of our favourite brands. We are proud of brands like them and we dream of a world where brands have, at least, a small part in common with Thinking MU.

Hold on, wait a second. Are you talking about a competitor in your own brand’s blog? Are you out of your mind? -You might be wondering-. Is Zara talking about H&M (saving the distances) in his corporate blog or vice versa? I guess not. It might be strange, but we don’t care.

I am positive that we are breaking the first Marketing rule and our Marketing professors wouldn’t precisely praise us for that, but we do not mind. We could even lose some clients in Thinking MU’s benefit, but we are ok with that too.

So we are not just talking about them, but we are making free advertising as well, and, guess what? It’s alright! Just because we don’t mind who is behind the camera, the important thing is what people are watching. In other words, for us, what is relevant is that this attitude is conveyed to the world regardless of who is the communicator.

Thinking MU is an excellent brand that is making things right, and we want to dedicate them our humble tribute.

They are a unique brand that encourages small, authentic, original, brave, and local projects that are passionate and optimistic. They created a platform called “People for the future” and it is just amazing.

They have a fresh touch that is connecting with the current trends, and, the most important thing; they have a reason for existing. They have a goal, and this goal is adding value to the society, thus they are an example for us.

Don’t hesitate to praise your competitors when they make good things, not because they are your competitors but because of the good things.

Thumbs up for Thinking MU!

Thinking MU


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