As we told you before, the purpose of this blog is to talk about amazing stories from great people. In fact, we can honestly affirm that we will have it very difficult to find a greater person than the one that we are going to talk about today.


His name is Ignasi Vegas and he is not only the perfect personification for our brand’s values but also a restless fighter to whom life has been unfair. He just never had the chance to fight back.

I just think, as a human being, that life is worth living it just because you can get to meet people like him; a person with such a strong desire for living. He is an example for me and he should be for all of us.

Delta F508. For most people, this acronym doesn’t mean anything and won’t probably mean anything in the future either. For him, and for a few people like him, this acronym is a genetic mutation that causes Cystic Fibrosis. It is an illness that affects the organism globally, with special incidence in the lungs and the pancreas.

Nowadays, there is no cure for it, despite the many advances we have managed to reach in terms of personal health and medicine. When he was born, doctors kindly told his parents to enjoy the baby as long as they could because they were not so sure about what the future would bring. At that moment, doctors stated that his life expectancy was 18-20 years old; he is now 27 and he is still kicking.

The boy was growing up while hiding his “disease”. Nobody knew about it and he just tried to carry a “normal” life. Yet, he was down all the time, he had many unanswered questions; he was not self-confident enough to overcome his problem. When he got a bit older, life brought him the opportunity to travel around and discover new places. Without even noticing it, he found a new place where he was able to make a fresh start, a place where he could show himself as the unique boy he was. He decided to explain his problem, to normalize it. From this moment, he emerged as a new guy who believed in himself and who was self-confident enough to win his internal battle. Then he got to the moment when he asked himself: why not? What the hell am I doing? He took the most important decision of his life: he decided to LIVE LIFE.


He decided to start making every second count, being happy at all times, he stopped worrying about stupid stuff; he just focused on enjoying life. He was positive about being unique, being himself, he was tired of pretending to be a “regular” guy, he was just the way he was and he was, indeed, proud of it for the first time in his life. He decided to be the kid he was never able to be in order to get back his stolen childhood. He decided that, from that day on, his life would be worth living every day of it.

Life forced him to live everyday as if it was the last; he knew that, in fact, it could be. He decided to overcome all the difficulties in life; he started to thank life for all the moments that were coming instead of regretting for all those that had been stolen.

I personally think that many people envy that guy, at least they should. I could count with my fingers how many people at his age have lived what Ignasi has. Plus, how many people have enjoyed life as much as he did? It is true that life turned his face when he was born, but whenever he will die, he will be the guy on earth that will have enjoyed life the most. Few people will be able to say the same and I extremely envy him for this.

He is currently involved in a project named Team Vegas whose aim is to spread information about the illness in order to normalize it; help people like him to overcome the difficulties, he is actually the proof that this is possible.  He wants to empower people, both ill and not ill, to break the limits and enjoy their lives as if today was the last day.

So, if you were capable of doing this, what would your limits be?

Follow his steps at:

Team Vegas is starting and we are going to be a part of it, are you in?



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