It is raining cats and dogs.

A group of 150 people take a 1o hour flight to Riviera Maya. They wake up at 5 a.m. to take a bus and after 3 flight combinations they finally arrive at the Hotel Resort in Playa del Carmen. I bet that almost none of the trip components did enjoy the travel. Plus, I am certain that the vast majority were thinking about the arrival, the Hotel, the Caipirinhas and the paradisiac beaches. Even more, I’m positive that if they would have had the opportunity to make the clock tick faster or to press a magic button and then wake up after 10 hours already in the Hotel, nobody would have hesitated.

People, generally, do not enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

We tend to separate a trip in 2 parts, the journey and the arrival. I will call it the Rain and the Sun. While we want the Rain to be as fast as possible: it is tiring, unpleasant and boring; we want the Sun to stay as long as it can. We all focus on a future moment plenty of joy, relax and happiness (Sun) and we ignore and try to avoid the effort and time spent for achieving it (Rain).

This clear and simple example can be extrapolated to daily situations. We are those guys flying to Riviera Maya, we do the same things they did because we hate the Rain and we just happen to love the Sun.

So far, it has been a pretty clear and obvious speech. But, let me ask you something: Can we guarantee that the plane is going to arrive? What would happen if the plane does not get to its destination? Would it change anything? Why delaying pleasure until an uncertain period of time? Let’s dig a bit deeper on the issue:

We arrive at school at 8 a.m. waiting for the bell to ring;

We wake up on Monday waiting for the weekend to arrive; we work for 2 years in a firm that we do not like because this is going to be good for our carrier. But, what would happen if the bell does not ring, if the weekend does not arrive, or if we die in 1 year? We would have lost a day, a week or an entire year waiting for nothing. Does this Sun really deserve the sacrifice? In fact, time invested in the Rain or in the Sun is just time, equally important after all.

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

By the time the Sun arrives, when that plane lands, we are NOT going to enjoy it anyways. I mean, we are going to enjoy it for a while, this is true, but when we are in this Sun, when the moment that we have been waiting for a long time finally arrives, we will all start thinking that this amazing and wonderful moment is going to end, so we will start meditating about the new Rain that is to come and about how far the next Sun is.

How to change that?

Stop delaying life waiting for uncertain future moments. Life cannot be delayed. Why not just enjoy every moment of life as if it was the last one? In fact, it could be.

The only thing we need to do is enjoy the moment, learn how to handle the Rain because in fact it is not that bad. If we manage to fancy the journey as much as we can, every single moment of our lives will count and we will not feel depressed if the Sun does not show up, because we would have lived a happy trip anyway.

Don’t make the mistake

to await future events that are praised to be better, as Vivian Greene claimed: “Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain!” So, what will you choose?



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