Estamos muy contentos de haber decidido pasar la noche de Reyes en Madrid exponiendo nuestras prendas en el Mercado Central de Diseño de Madrid.

El lugar habla por sí solo. Matadero. Un local amplísimo y arquitectónicamente muy elegante que da una buena onda y un aire a diseño fantástico. Dentro, hasta 30 expositores de todo tipo: diseño, ilustración, moda, artesanía, y demás. 2 días en vísperas de Reyes para mostrar tus creaciones, ingeniártelas para atraer al público y convencerle de que ese puede ser un buen regalo de Reyes o un buen look para la cena.



Estamos súper agradecidos a la organización por habernos elegido para participar. También nos hace una tremenda ilusión estar debajo de tantos árboles por todo Madrid el día de Reyes. Y, es que, mucha gente vino y mucha otra compró. Eso es lo importante.


También hay que dar gracias a todos los artistazos que acudieron al mercado como expositores, ya que entre todos logramos atraer un gran volumen de gente. Ilustradores con los que mueres de amor como Yeyei Gómez o Rebeca Khamlichi, marcas de ropa con mucho sentido del arte como Bendito Estilo o las chicas de Anitta Baker, joyería de la siempre excelente mano de Julieta Álvarez y un sinfín más de artistas de un nivel no acorde a su fama.

Muchas gracias a los que pasasteis, a los indecisos, a los que comprasteis y a los que prometisteis comprar. Pero sobretodo, gracias a los que decidisteis que estos Reyes eran los primeros para regalar Costalamel.




New Year’s Eve has always been a time for setting new goals and objectives for the upcoming year. It’s a time to think about what things we would like to change, improve or give up. As we, normally, need an extra motivation to fulfil our promises, we find in the New Year the opportunity to do it.

Even if we think that there is no need to wait until New Year’s Eve to come to set a new goal, we empower you to do it especially today.

From Costalamel we are running a contest in which if you set and fulfil a goal you can win 1 pack of 1-tshirt + 1 sweater. This is because we want people to fulfill their objectives in life, we like to support people with new projects and ideas, that is why we encourage you to fulfill your goals.

Write down your challenge for 2014, as possible as inspiring, and if you win you will get 1 genuine handmade t-shirt. Once you fulfil your goal, you will be able to choose your favourite Costalamel sweater.

You have until January 6th to participate.

Turn your cant’s into cans and your dreams into plans. Good luck.



Nowadays, we are living in the perfect scenario for creating. No jobs, no money and a whole life in front of us. Yet, we are not starting projects or being creative. Why? We think this is for some reasons:

We are living in a world filled with people who try to not let others succeed. This is not because we all turned into evil human beings, or at least I would like to think so, but because it is easier for us to live surrounded by normality. Without ups and downs or unpredictable situations.

We convince ourselves that we are living the life we dreamed of. It’s until our neighbor comes up with a new project and becomes freaking wealthy that we start wondering why he succeed and we don’t.

We are used to seeing people who do succeed as people who are distant from us. We see them in TV shows or magazines. We know that we can’t be like them and this idea tranquilizes us. But, when we see people from our inner circle succeeding, we tend to be shocked. This destabilization can trigger many inside questions that provoke a huge impact in our person. To avoid this, we try to discourage people who intend to succeed. It’s easier. No problems around. Everything right.

Whatever you try to create – be it the best art painting, a new project or train a different skill – you will find many non-creators people who will tell you how crazy you are and how terribly bad you are at this. Be sure about that.

Your jobless friends don’t want to find a job, your 12-hours office-workers friends don’t wont you to start a project, and your fat friend doesn’t want to start running. It is easier. Don’t bother them. It would take them outside their comfort zone, and, trust me; this is the worst thing you can do to a fellow.

By trashing your work, these people, are killing their inside need of change. They are convincing themselves that there is no need to create. C’mon, if he’s creating trash, why should I scape from my daily routine and start creating? Once they will ruin your creations, they will be able to continue living their life full of hotdogs, tight ties and lazy PlayStation sessions.

For these same reasons is why we are here to encourage you to create, go out of your comfort zone and start projects.

Remember that if you never try you’ll never know. Don’t listen those non-creators, they are those who cannot hear the music.





Com que molts de vosaltres ens vau demanar si podíem publicar amb català, aprofitem per fer-ho amb aquest post, ja que, aquest és, sense dubte, el vostre post.

As you kindly ask us if we could post also in Catalan, we will do it using this post, because it is, without any doubt, your post.  

Costalamel ha nascut, i estem molt contents d’haver-nos pogut conèixer. Moltes gràcies a tots aquells que vau assistir a la festa, així com aquells que no vau poder però us hauria encantat poder fer-ho. Sou la mel.

Costalamel is born and we’re glad we met. Thanks to everybody that came around and thank you also to those who would really like to. You’re la honey.

La festa va ser un èxit. Amb l’Alba volíem fer una festa acolorida i diferent, per això vam decidir muntar una recreació d’un dels dissenys amb flors naturals i plantes tropicals, per donar a la festa vida, color i alegria.

The party was a complete success. Alba and I, we both wanted to make a colorful and different party. That is why we decided to recreate one of our designs with natural flowers and tropical plants. We wanted to turn the space into life, color and joy.


Molta gent va apropar-se a prendre una Moritz i a gaudir de la bona música de Willy Fox.

Many people came around to have a Moritz and enjoy some good music from Willy Fox.



L’equip de Costalamel es va encarregar de vestir les parets de l’Studiostore amb la nostra essència, mentre que l’Alba s’encarregava de preparar el càtering.

Costalamel team was issued to dress up the walls of the Studiostore with our essence while Alba was preparing the whole catering. 


Els assistents van poder fer un tast de l’aperitiu de salmó marinat i bombons de xocolata i caviar acompanyats d’un còctel. Desprès vam servir unes piruletes de formatge amb sèsam, herbes aromàtiques i pernil amb Moritz.

The assistants could taste the diced marinated salmon and the chocolates with caviar served with a cocktail. After we served cheese lollipops with sesame, herbs and ham with Moritz beer.


Benvinguts al nostre món. We’re glad we met.

Welcome to our World. We’re glad we met.








We are proud to present you the video of the making off of the new campaign shot in Barcelona a month ago. The aim of this post is not only to introduce you the campaign and the video but also to highlight the need, as a brand, to find a good concept behind the campaign.

It is very important to have a good photographer, better models and a brilliant location in order to come out with a good campaign, but we also need to tell a good story.

People love storytelling, it is even much more effective than a good picture. If you connect with people they will buy you not because your pictures are freaking good, but because they feel embraced under your idea. That is why we decided to bet for a good concept even if we already had pretty good professionals behind and in front of the camera.

The campaign concept was: Who cares?, and the story behind is the following: Do what you love and love what you do. The choice is yours. It’s how you wear it that counts. Embrace your weirdness, do whatever you want without minding what others may say or thing. Who cares?

We try to motivate people that have strong ideas and convictions but that may feel alone in their project. This story and this concept is the important thing here; it is what will remain after time.

We hope you enjoy the campaign as much as we did creating it.

Love from Barcelona.


The very first time we met David, I had the feeling that our relationship would be nothing but great. I don’t know if it was because of his character or for the strength and the passion that he conveys. Anyway, I knew right away that we would make a good friendship.

SI_IMG-20130926-WA0023We arranged an entrepreneurship gathering in order to exchange stories and tips, and after an enriching conversation we ended up with the promise of making a unique t-shirt design for the Lost&Found market.

David is the founder and the owner of Tu Pelu en casa, an innovative initiative for getting your haircut. For the first time in Barcelona the hairdresser comes to your place and you can get a haircut without leaving home. You just have to call him and he will show up at your place offering you the newest tendencies at very convenient prices. His barbershop is located in Sant Boi, however, you can also find him surfing the streets of Barcelona with his fixie bycicle decorated with the barbershop colours.

The idea aroused, as usual, when a problem popped up. He used to work at the familiar barbershop along side with his mother and his sister, yet, the workload and profits of the shop was not enough for the three of them. Therefore, he had to take the leap of faith and search for new opportunities outside.

This new search resulted in the launching of Tu Pelu en casa. At first, things weren’t easy, but he kept on working hard and loving what he was doing until he finally succeeded. This is mainly why we admire him, because he believed in his ideas without giving up no matter what.

He is a true dreamer, he tried to change the rules, he came up with a new way of doing things and through passion and dedication he turned his dreams into plans, which is all you can ask from a person.

We wish David all the luck in the world. Keep thinking big and doing bigger.

Sin título-1


Today we are going to talk about a fashion brand settled in Barcelona whose name is Thinking MU. They make illustrated t-shirts. Not regular tees but t-shirts with stories behind them. They are 100% respectful with the environment; they use natural fibres, biodegradable pigments and recycled paper. Their motto is based into the idea that “life is an attitude”. We totally agree and love this philosophy.


They are one of our favourite brands. We are proud of brands like them and we dream of a world where brands have, at least, a small part in common with Thinking MU.

Hold on, wait a second. Are you talking about a competitor in your own brand’s blog? Are you out of your mind? -You might be wondering-. Is Zara talking about H&M (saving the distances) in his corporate blog or vice versa? I guess not. It might be strange, but we don’t care.

I am positive that we are breaking the first Marketing rule and our Marketing professors wouldn’t precisely praise us for that, but we do not mind. We could even lose some clients in Thinking MU’s benefit, but we are ok with that too.

So we are not just talking about them, but we are making free advertising as well, and, guess what? It’s alright! Just because we don’t mind who is behind the camera, the important thing is what people are watching. In other words, for us, what is relevant is that this attitude is conveyed to the world regardless of who is the communicator.

Thinking MU is an excellent brand that is making things right, and we want to dedicate them our humble tribute.

They are a unique brand that encourages small, authentic, original, brave, and local projects that are passionate and optimistic. They created a platform called “People for the future” and it is just amazing.

They have a fresh touch that is connecting with the current trends, and, the most important thing; they have a reason for existing. They have a goal, and this goal is adding value to the society, thus they are an example for us.

Don’t hesitate to praise your competitors when they make good things, not because they are your competitors but because of the good things.

Thumbs up for Thinking MU!

Thinking MU


As we told you before, the purpose of this blog is to talk about amazing stories from great people. In fact, we can honestly affirm that we will have it very difficult to find a greater person than the one that we are going to talk about today.


His name is Ignasi Vegas and he is not only the perfect personification for our brand’s values but also a restless fighter to whom life has been unfair. He just never had the chance to fight back.

I just think, as a human being, that life is worth living it just because you can get to meet people like him; a person with such a strong desire for living. He is an example for me and he should be for all of us.

Delta F508. For most people, this acronym doesn’t mean anything and won’t probably mean anything in the future either. For him, and for a few people like him, this acronym is a genetic mutation that causes Cystic Fibrosis. It is an illness that affects the organism globally, with special incidence in the lungs and the pancreas.

Nowadays, there is no cure for it, despite the many advances we have managed to reach in terms of personal health and medicine. When he was born, doctors kindly told his parents to enjoy the baby as long as they could because they were not so sure about what the future would bring. At that moment, doctors stated that his life expectancy was 18-20 years old; he is now 27 and he is still kicking.

The boy was growing up while hiding his “disease”. Nobody knew about it and he just tried to carry a “normal” life. Yet, he was down all the time, he had many unanswered questions; he was not self-confident enough to overcome his problem. When he got a bit older, life brought him the opportunity to travel around and discover new places. Without even noticing it, he found a new place where he was able to make a fresh start, a place where he could show himself as the unique boy he was. He decided to explain his problem, to normalize it. From this moment, he emerged as a new guy who believed in himself and who was self-confident enough to win his internal battle. Then he got to the moment when he asked himself: why not? What the hell am I doing? He took the most important decision of his life: he decided to LIVE LIFE.


He decided to start making every second count, being happy at all times, he stopped worrying about stupid stuff; he just focused on enjoying life. He was positive about being unique, being himself, he was tired of pretending to be a “regular” guy, he was just the way he was and he was, indeed, proud of it for the first time in his life. He decided to be the kid he was never able to be in order to get back his stolen childhood. He decided that, from that day on, his life would be worth living every day of it.

Life forced him to live everyday as if it was the last; he knew that, in fact, it could be. He decided to overcome all the difficulties in life; he started to thank life for all the moments that were coming instead of regretting for all those that had been stolen.

I personally think that many people envy that guy, at least they should. I could count with my fingers how many people at his age have lived what Ignasi has. Plus, how many people have enjoyed life as much as he did? It is true that life turned his face when he was born, but whenever he will die, he will be the guy on earth that will have enjoyed life the most. Few people will be able to say the same and I extremely envy him for this.

He is currently involved in a project named Team Vegas whose aim is to spread information about the illness in order to normalize it; help people like him to overcome the difficulties, he is actually the proof that this is possible.  He wants to empower people, both ill and not ill, to break the limits and enjoy their lives as if today was the last day.

So, if you were capable of doing this, what would your limits be?

Follow his steps at:

Team Vegas is starting and we are going to be a part of it, are you in?



It is raining cats and dogs.

A group of 150 people take a 1o hour flight to Riviera Maya. They wake up at 5 a.m. to take a bus and after 3 flight combinations they finally arrive at the Hotel Resort in Playa del Carmen. I bet that almost none of the trip components did enjoy the travel. Plus, I am certain that the vast majority were thinking about the arrival, the Hotel, the Caipirinhas and the paradisiac beaches. Even more, I’m positive that if they would have had the opportunity to make the clock tick faster or to press a magic button and then wake up after 10 hours already in the Hotel, nobody would have hesitated.

People, generally, do not enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

We tend to separate a trip in 2 parts, the journey and the arrival. I will call it the Rain and the Sun. While we want the Rain to be as fast as possible: it is tiring, unpleasant and boring; we want the Sun to stay as long as it can. We all focus on a future moment plenty of joy, relax and happiness (Sun) and we ignore and try to avoid the effort and time spent for achieving it (Rain).

This clear and simple example can be extrapolated to daily situations. We are those guys flying to Riviera Maya, we do the same things they did because we hate the Rain and we just happen to love the Sun.

So far, it has been a pretty clear and obvious speech. But, let me ask you something: Can we guarantee that the plane is going to arrive? What would happen if the plane does not get to its destination? Would it change anything? Why delaying pleasure until an uncertain period of time? Let’s dig a bit deeper on the issue:

We arrive at school at 8 a.m. waiting for the bell to ring;

We wake up on Monday waiting for the weekend to arrive; we work for 2 years in a firm that we do not like because this is going to be good for our carrier. But, what would happen if the bell does not ring, if the weekend does not arrive, or if we die in 1 year? We would have lost a day, a week or an entire year waiting for nothing. Does this Sun really deserve the sacrifice? In fact, time invested in the Rain or in the Sun is just time, equally important after all.

I’m going to let you in on a secret.

By the time the Sun arrives, when that plane lands, we are NOT going to enjoy it anyways. I mean, we are going to enjoy it for a while, this is true, but when we are in this Sun, when the moment that we have been waiting for a long time finally arrives, we will all start thinking that this amazing and wonderful moment is going to end, so we will start meditating about the new Rain that is to come and about how far the next Sun is.

How to change that?

Stop delaying life waiting for uncertain future moments. Life cannot be delayed. Why not just enjoy every moment of life as if it was the last one? In fact, it could be.

The only thing we need to do is enjoy the moment, learn how to handle the Rain because in fact it is not that bad. If we manage to fancy the journey as much as we can, every single moment of our lives will count and we will not feel depressed if the Sun does not show up, because we would have lived a happy trip anyway.

Don’t make the mistake

to await future events that are praised to be better, as Vivian Greene claimed: “Life’s not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain!” So, what will you choose?


The purpose of the blog is not to talk about our brand, yet since this is the first post we are going to address our first steps and the main reasons that led us to create the brand. We promise this is just an exception and from now on this blog will be talking about amazing stories from great people.

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching” – Gerard Way

I started drawing things that I liked, esthetically beautiful, without further intentions. Then I printed them into t-shirts and I wore them. Some friends did wear them too. Nowadays, when I take a glance at my first drawings I realize that I was completely wrong, indeed, those drawings did have a precise meaning and sense. The problem was that I did not realize so by then. It was only after writing the manifesto, the Keep calm and make la Honey manifesto, in 2011, when I started to organize all the ideas that were running through my mind to finally give meaning to all my drawings. I also realized that what I really wanted was not to draw beautiful illustrations, but to use the brand to send out a message to the world.

The question at that point was why I was doing all that, I am not talking about money but the values and ideas that I wanted to convey. The “what was not so relevant. It can change over time; I can make t-shirts or create porcelain dolls, it does not matter, this is only the execution of the “why”. The “why” is, in fact, the one thing that is going to save me when other people do the same exact thing that I do: They can imitate the “what” but never the “why”.

Fortunately, we have the opportunity to spread out our ideas. Our brand is not much more than a loud-speaker that claims an idea and wants to share it around the world.

We just want to make it worth watching, and we think that the only way to achieve this is by being who we are, embracing our weirdness. Doing what we love and loving what we do, that is the key.

Fuck what others think, you are not living your life for them. 

We are in a world filled with people who try to not let others succeed. We personally think that this is because we are used to seeing people who do succeed as people who are distant from us. We see them in TV shows or magazines. When we see people from our inner circle succeeding, we tend to be shocked and that destabilizes us. We are not used to live out of our comfort zone, where we feel good with ourselves, so this destabilization can trigger many inside questions that provoke a huge impact in our person. To avoid this, we try to discourage people who intend to succeed by telling them things like: “you are crazy”, “you are not going to get that”, “forget about that”, etc.

Because of this, we want to arise as a brand that sincerely empowers people to follow their objectives. There will be many people who will tell you that you can’t do it, thus we need more voices on the other side to help you realize how wonderful you are.

Be the kid you have inside

We have been told, over and over, that once we grow up we have to take responsibilities and be mature. This is as important as true, but we heard this so many times that we completely forgot to take care of the kid that we ALL have inside. Our brand claims that we really need to find our kid and let him flow.

Kids are authentic, they do not pretend to be anybody else, they don’t even know how to pretend.  They imagine, they believe in a Paradise, they have dreams. Those same dreams are killed softly by a society who is repeating over and over that we need to grow up. However, what we really need is to use the right side of the brain where we find creativity, imagination or empathy. The left side is very important, in fact it is basically what differentiates us from animals, but the right side is what differentiates us from becoming stones.

“Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay then it’s not the end.” – Paulo Coelho 

All the news we hear in the media from our countries talk about disasters and negativism all the time. Terrible storm in Galicia, North Korea strikes again, dramatically fall of the sperm quality in Spain. They scare people; they keep them deep in their caves and in their comfort zone. That is how they have the control over us.

Thanks to that, among other reasons, we live in a world full of negativism, where we do not believe in ourselves, where we are scared and where we do not have the energy needed to face daily problems.

We want to be positive; to spread positivism around, to create a magnificent atmosphere where we can abandon the nest and fly away carrying our ideas and dreams with us.

This is mainly why we are here: Because we want to spread the keep calm and make la honey manifesto. Are you in for a great trip?